Autodesk® Maya® 2017

Autodesk® Maya® 2017 software delivers new features, performance improvements, and artist-friendly tools that greatly enhance the entire Maya experience. In addition to an all-new look and feel that includes reorganized menus that better match artist workflows, Maya is now leveraging more resources in the computer to accelerate animation performance.

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What’s New?

Render Setup

PDFs have been added to the Import File formats. Import the geometry, TrueType text, and raster images from a PDF file or underlay them into your drawing as AutoCAD objects.

Shape Authoring Workflow (enhanced)

Art-direct character rigs with a more complete workflow.

Motion Graphics Tool Set

It’s easy to create and edit centerlines and center marks. When you move associated objects, the centerlines and center marks automatically move with your object.

Maya Vision Series


Warren Trezevant


Marcus Nordenstam


Laurence Cymet & Nicola Milosevic

Virtual Production

Ben Guthrie & David Morin