BIM Development And Training Courses

Besides having culture change, knowing the processes and technology availability, one important aspect to be truly successful in the transformation enterprise wide with BIM (Building Information Modeling) adoption is to empowering your valuable design and engineering workforce working knowledge with newer skill sets to use BIM designing software.

In today modern and competitive era and rapid advancement of technology, investing training for your valuable workforce is important because some level of human knowledge and skills is necessary in order for BIM adoption to be realised and accomplish its objectives and goals.

Human Capital is asserted to be the most important element of success in business today. Human capital investment is the process companies use to develop employees. Successful businesses today invest in employee training to improve business operations.
Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating working environments where your workforce can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes which increases employees value in the workplace and productivity.

At Progressive Computer Systems Sdn Bhd, we are part of Autodesk global network partner of Authorised Autodesk Partner for Autodesk BIM Design Solution for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals. Together with our own Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC) training facility, we have valuable trainers from industry to help and train your workforce, skilled with knowledge to work with variety of Autodesk tools from 2D CAD to 3D BIM models.

Our instructor-led training classes across the Autodesk product range channel is highly successful because it is professionally run as a business division to provide services, sales and marketing support to Autodesk customers locally and abroad.

Why get trained at our Autodesk Authorized Training Center?

  • Instructors and facilities meet requirements set by Autodesk standards
  • Ensure your workforce are being trained on the latest technology
  • Develop your workforce skills level suitable to your business requirement
  • Earn valuable certificates of completion that is industry recognized of your expertise
  • Validate your product knowledge by getting Autodesk Certified at our participating Authorised certification centre

Empowering your workforce knowledge to use Autodesk application helps your workforce to perform faster, smarter, and better when you choose to our Authorised Training Center (ATC) available courses.

We have variety of Autodesk product training courses on scheduled basis. You may refer to our training schedule available. Please do call to our office Monday to Friday from 09.00AM to 06.00PM at 603-7727 5139/40 for further details.  You may also reach us by emailing to

2018 February to June Training Schedule