About Progressive Since 1980

Progressive Computer Systems Sdn Bhd

Progressive Computer Systems Sdn Bhd (PCSSB) established since 1980’s began its business as a turnkey supplier of CAD / CAM solutions to the construction, engineering, design and manufacturing community using AutoCAD software as the key component.

PCSSB has a total of more than 30 years of combined experience in the Information Technology industry. Progressive’s business focus is to assist our customers to harness Information Technology specific solutions to the community. We are constantly seeking new products to add to our stable of existing products to offer more comprehensive solutions to our user base.

The combined resources & expertise will give PCSSB the added advantages of a competitive edge in skilled manpower that can continue to provide pooling value-added expertise. Enhanced customer satisfaction, as all parties & strive to achieve greater customer confidence and satisfaction in our pre and post sales service quality. Strategic products derived as a result of this alliance and the fusion of knowledge of what our customers are doing will enable us to help them harness the features and functionality’s of their IT investment to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

Business Philosophy

  • To achieve sufficient profitability as to ensure growth and to provide resources in terms of support and service to our customers and to achieve the level of satisfaction to our customers, staff and management.

  • To provide a comprehensive range of IT solutions & services from the highest level of quality to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

  • To retain and recruit dedicated committed and talented people to serve the business needs of our customers.